It's a small world

Return of the Prince

Keep your friends close, and your enemies closer

Wakkar had certainly changed since the last time the party saw him stepping into a portal in the Elemental Chaos. However, as the tense discusssions progressed over what the relation between the orc prince and the party would be after “rescuing” him from the hands/fins of the Kuo-Toa, it became evident that their original encounter in Erkon’s desecrated tomb was a matter of business – nothing personal.

Lisanna, liaising between Wakkar and the party, found that the prince (banished from Wruk by his brother, Varis would later add) had been working at the behest of Kima, a dwarven woman who was the rumoured archictural mastermind behind the great Western airships that dominated the Sky War. Wakkar had also been acting on some information gleaned from prophecy concerning the power emanating from the Karellian Jacaranda, but who or what his source was, he would not reveal.

The tentative alliance between the party and Wakkar was seemingly cemented by some gruffly respectful words between Trix and Wakkar. Wakkar agreed to settle old differences by ordering the freedom of Makani, the elf druid, from where she was being held prisoner in Wruk. Lisanna provided the proof via a spare scrying ritual – Wakkar was true to his word.



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