It's a small world

To Karelle!

Some time later...

Battered, exhausted, and surrounded by the corpses of slain hobgoblins. The party took stock of their situation. They had just traced the object that the slaad staff was “linked” to, only to find that it was, predictably, it was a trap meant for the slaads. Hobgoblins lay in ambush for the prisoners, expecting to find them bound and carried by slaads, only to find the prisoners themselves, hungry for answers. Unfortunately, the answer for them when they asked “who sent you” was “Prince Wakkar”.

With a zealous marut sect, an vengeful orcish prince, and their lackeys hot on their trail (the party found a recently spent sending scroll in the hobgoblin leader’s possession), it was time to mask their trail and go separate ways to Karelle. It was time to split the party.

Uthal, Larami, and Trix elected the most direct route, moving through the elven towns between the southern tip of the Lorelei and Karelle. Uthal would learn more about the ways of the Brotherhood from Larami, and Trix would have a chance to catch up on what has been happening in her southern homelands. Esteban and Lasciel continued the main trek up the Lorelei and then south at the great arterial road, with a staggered start.

One by one, they arrived at Karelle, but not as the ragtag persecuted bunch of adventurers they left Port Cullis. They had come into their own, fending for themselves, by themselves. Over the jitters of their past escapades, it was time to begin anew…



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