Pirate Confederation

The Pirate Confederation (pre-war: “Northern States”) sits on the north coast of the continent, with its main town (Port Cullis) lining the edge of a large bight.

The Pirate Confederation is not a renegade coastal region. Officially it was a colony of the empire, but for historical reasons the empire’s interest in it had waned and by the time of the War it was generally regarded as semi-autonomous. Now with the fall of the great empires, it has its independence assured.

Nowadays the area (especially its main port) serves as the hub of a lot of the trade operating between the northern coastline and the inner continent.

Selected places and people of interest:

  • The Docks, the more easy-going part of Port Cullis. It is a confusing network of jetties and bungalows over the bay, and contains PC’s brine pools and fish markets.
  • The Fighter’s Guild, a network of dojos found scattered throughout the continent, dedicated to the principles of Kord, Lord of Battle.
  • The Fort, a heavily-defended section of town harking back to the Sahuagin War times. Things that need protection are built here.
  • Governor Bale, the elected leader of Port Cullis. He looks and acts like a cross between a swashbuckler and an aristocrat, so at times he can be unpredictable.
  • Djunkar, the sufly halfling and captain of the Watch. He serves the governor, not without friction at times, and has some connection with Rose.
  • Rose, the legendary but reclusive healer of the Sahuagin War. She had been hiding somewhere in the woods south of Port Cullis since the end of said war, but got captured by slavers for her healing abilities.
  • Brinn, the next sizeable town inland from Port Cullis.

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