On the approach to Zora through the Winding Valleys of Delzimmar, you might be forgiven for mistaking it for a modest mountain-top citadel. You might also be forgiven for peering through the swirling mists and assuming that those small structures surrounding Zora were village dwellings. There are even a few windmills here and there to promote this illusion.

With the benefit of a closer inspection, or perhaps a rare, crystal-clear day, you would discover that most of those dwellings are in fact small windmills catching the icy, strong, but above all incessant winds that wind their way through the maze of valleys that is Delzimmar proper. The hillside is also dotted with many tunnel entrances, and if you were to travel down one of these, you would see the true extent of the city of Zora…

Extending perhaps 100m down into the rock below the external part of Zora is an intricate but stately complex of rooms and halls (sometimes very large ones) that would befit a castle. In a perpetual state of hustle and bustle are the lower levels of this complex, which open out onto an enormous cavern that represents the shared quarters of the majority of the citizens of Zora. Various generations and factions have sculpted regions of the Zoran Cavern in various ways, leading to a hodgepodge architecture and an erratic underground landscape. The lower castes and foreigners eke out a living here by night, and either till the fields atop the fertile plateau or try their luck in the mines below by night.

But what’s this? Is that cool, fresh air coming up from the mining tunnels leading off from the Cavern? Your momentary disbelief would be dismissed by the nearest swarthy miner heading in or out from an entrance. The “Breeze”, as the locals call it, is the lifeblood of the network of mining tunnels around here. Without the myriad of windmills on the surface pumping fresh air into the crowded, small tunnels, the riches of Zora would be a thing of legend, but the kind of legend that is disappointingly disproved on closer inspection, rather than the legendary bounty that you see in the Cavern and (if your blood is blue enough) the Castle. Truly, you are fortunate to be alive and witnessing such a golden era for Zora as now!

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