It's a small world

The Iron Tower, Abraxis, and L.L.

A psychic blast greets our heroes and heroines as Alumus works himself into a furor over the theft of his journal. Some assiduous assuagement of concerns later, and the late alchemist and his lightning-scarred, ghostly friends agree to help the party if the party helps him achieve posthumous fame and recognition. Ouem’s knowledge of thorium proves to be the icing on the cake as Alumus was curious about lightning’s effect on the strange gemstone.

The excavation team of orcs down the hallway defiling Alumus’ “laboratory” had quite the surprise when the party sweet-talked their way right up to the scalemail-clad leader and struck. Unfortunately, each blow brought forth crackling forks of lightning such that, even when the orc cronies were laid low and the handaxe raiders were contained by the tough ghosts, Morkaan was proving to be quite a handful for the combined efforts of the party.

In the end he was defeated, but at a cost. Alumus and one of his ghost friends were slain in battle, and the mysterious thundercloud that emerged from the armour of the orc leader Morkaan disappeared into the network of iron filaments running through the Iron Tower. The party was told by the remaining ghost that Alumus will likely reappear in a week having gone through a painful “rebirth” back into his spectre form. And as for that pesky orc prisoner they tied up upstairs – he broke from his rope bonds and escaped. The druid decided to track the rogue orc while the rest of the party went back to town.

Governor Bale, surprised at the resistance the party met and the fact that he’d never heard of this Iron Tower, sent the party immediately to Brinn to inform Abraxis of the situation. Interested by the tower, he also sent scholars under heavy guard to check it out. Alumus who?

After farewelling their well-wishing hostess Mouse (and getting complimentary high-grade tea sachets for the road), they were off to meet the enigmatic military-minded Abraxis. Abraxis’ solution was simple – kill the orcs. Of course, he remarks, those fuddy-duddies at the Warlord’s Guild would probably also set up some kind of tactical arrangement to up the patrols into the forest.

Putting on a show for the locals having dinner, they notice an injured paladin being fussed over by some commoners as she limped over to watch Aethar’s performance. Some magnetic force compelled them to invite her on the next day’s adventure to the surrounding crypts, dungeons, and disused temples to try and find the marauding orcs; and with that, the party set out to tombraid the countryside, happening on one strange mausoleum that had a shrill whistling sound coming from within…



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