At close to seven and a half feet tall, Thrash’han (or Balasar, as he calls himself out in the Hinterlands) towers over his companions like some kind of living, hulking draconic monument. The natural colour of his scales is red-gold, echoing his element of fire, and they flush with a bloody hue whenever he breathes flame.

Everything about him seems massive and larger than life, from the deep rumble of his voice, to the huge two-handed sword he wields in his talonned hands, to the heavy plate which protects him in battle alongside the warmth and light of Erathis’ hearth-fire… until he slips on a particularly slimy bit of mud and falls with a screech of metal and a string of expletives and one realises that despite his large stature, he is still rather young and it seems, somewhat unlucky…

He also has a sweet singing voice and a delicate claw with the harp.


Thrash’han is a devout and idealistic follower of Erathis. He believes that the will of the goddess guides her people towards cooperation rather than infighting, that civilisation and law is Her tool to promote the good of all. Growing up in the cut-throat environment of the religious caste in Felzun, as well as the constant belittling by his sister and his family, he struggled to reconcile what he saw in the clergy with what he believed the goddess really wanted, and came to the conclusion that the clergy was corrupt, that the Church was wrong.

At the age of eighteen, Azula, his twin, challenged and defeated him in combat and the young dragonborn fled his home out towards the Hinterlands. After the bitterness and rage abated, he accepted his fate and began to hope that he could build a new life spreading the true word of the goddess to those alienated by the unjust law of Delzimmar.


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